Just 4 thoughts


Instead of being investment vehicles, most school and college allumni associations are funeral and wedding committees.

That's why towns like Butere, Mumias, Bukura and Shimo la Tewa just but to name a few don't grow. All you hear from the educated fools is"when I was at chengesh, I didn't see you at Maseno, you mean were at Joust-which hostel!" bla bla bla!

Now that ALL regional investment blocks are dodo, here's how to enrich yourself as you empower your former school community.

1. Form an alumni of at least 250
2. Contribute Sh. 400 per month for 1 year. That's Sh. 1,000,000 annually.
3. Go to the school shopping center and/or Campus residential areas and buy 3 plots annually.
4. Now you have collateral for bank loan.
5. With 10m, build 50 self contained rooms/hostels on each plot.

That's how you retire rich. Not by waiting on your tribesman to become president so that you can go back to Nairobi, to loot.